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Merch Bible is a marketplace community for artist fans to sell, buy and trade their merchandise. With the user-centered system we have set up, we aim to make authentic limited and rare secondhand merchandise available to all fans who are searching for it. We are currently in our open beta stage, with many more features to come.


All purchases are to be negociated between the buyer and the seller. We recommend using PayPal’s invoice system to buy and sell to take advantage of their seller and buyer protection system.


In order to keep the community safe for all users, the Merch Bible team will try to constantly monitor the marketplace for dishonest buyers or sellers. Our zero-tolerance policy means that anyone posting unofficial merchandise, counterfeit goods, items they do not own, or engaging in any other suspicious behavior will be immediately warned and forced to have all their future posts approved by an admin. While users must make deals through payment processors outside of Merch Bible, we ask that both sellers and buyers don’t send payments as a gift via PayPal to prevent scams. Please exercise good judgement when using the marketplace.


It is up to the seller to decide which countries they will ship to. Get in touch with a seller and ask if they ship to where you are lcoated. If you are buying a <b>verified</b> item, please ensure that your shipping address is on the PayPal transaction, as items will only be shipped to a verified address on-file on the transaction.


How can I list an item on Merch Bible?

Listing an item is easy. First, you will have to register as a vendor and create your store. Then, simply add an item and it will be featured in our online catalog of items for sale.

How will I know when I have a sale?

Since sales are made by a seller and a buyer communicating via the private messaging system, you will know you have a sale when your PayPal balance and transaction activity shows it.

Is Merch Bible free to use?

Registration for both buyers and sellers is free. Listing, selling and buying an item is also free. There is no fee charged on our end upon a successful sale. The seller gets 100% of the payment through PayPal.

How can I contact other members?

You may use our built-in messaging system to communicate with buyers or sellers on the website.

What about merch I want to sell that doesn't fit in any category?

Yes, you may list it in our “Other” category of items. Although Merch Bible is currently a targeted marketplace for a few artists’ fans, we will soon add more artists.

Buyer Policy

You can view our buyer policy here.

Vendor Policy

You can view our vendor policy here.